Indigenous Symbolic Art with Gene Blow

Gene introduces students to Indigenous art techniques and explains the meaning behind colours and symbols that combine to tell stories. Gene will demonstrate how the symbols for man, woman, child, waterhole, river and meeting place can be used and interpreted. Students then take this knowledge and create their own stories. At the end of the session, students will have the opportunity to show their artwork and tell their stories

Indigenous Infusion with Gene Blow

Elder and culture worker Gene Blow has over 20 years’ experience sharing and teaching about his Aboriginal heritage. He demonstrates the didgeridoo and explains its origin and true name. He tells stories of the Dreaming and teaches sit-down dances which illustrate how stories are told through movement and introduces symbols found in Aboriginal visual art.

Kung Fu with Sifu Siu

Join Sifu Gawain Siu as he presents the cultural significance and history of Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Chinese Lion Dance. Becoming a Kung Fu instructor at just 14 years old, Sifu now has more than 50 years of experience in Martial Arts and will deliver an active workshop promoting respect and harmony. This program is also available to be delivered virtually.

Music of Southern Italy

In this interactive workshop, students will discover the rhythms and sounds of the traditional music styles of southern Italy. The castanettes, the diatonic accordion, the tamburello, the putipu and the ciaramella are some of the instruments that bring energy and melody to this program! Then, with the infectious live music backing them, students will practice the lively folk dance the Tarantella.

Indigenous Infusion with Larry Brandy

Larry Brandy is an Aboriginal storyteller with thirty years of experience. He has an engaging and interactive style incorporating movement, history and artifacts. He introduces students to his Wiradjuri culture with a focus on the significance of family, the environment and everyday life. This program can be adjusted to three hours for a more in depth experience.

Indigenous Infusion with Djarrin Blow

Indigenous Educator Djarrin Blow helps students gain a deeper understanding and appreciation through this dynamic program. Including didgeridoo, dances, Dreamtime storytelling, Indigenous artefacts and boomerang throwing these programs are interactive as well as informative. Programs can be tailored for different year levels and curriculum areas.

Kinder Dreaming with Djarrin Blow

Djarrin’s pre-primary program is an energetic and entertaining introduction to Indigenous Australian culture for children under 5. Featuring short Dreamtime stories, didgeridoo, dances, songs, artefacts and games this program is a fun way for younger children to start engaging with Indigenous culture in a fun and interactive way.

Yoga and Mindfulness

Yoga and Bollywood dance teacher Valli will introduce students to the symbolism and cultural history of yoga. She uses flowing yoga postures and classical hand gestures with meditation and breath techniques that are suitable to the age and ability of students. This program energises and engages students in this ancient practice. Valli also offers a Yoga Infusion Program comprising a course of four sessions.

Gundoo Dreaming with Gene Blow

Elder and culture worker Gene Blow has over 20 years’ experience sharing and teaching about his Aboriginal heritage. In this program he demonstrates didgeridoo and explaining its origin and true name. He will tell stories of the Dreaming with content adjusted for the age group, teach sit-down dances that illustrate how stories are presented through movement and can introduce symbolic art which show how stories are presented visually. • Didgeridoo solo • 3 x ‘sit down’ Indigenous dances – teaching movement in unison with songs • 3 x Dreamtime stories – usually short creation stories • Native animal movement – mimicking of kangaroos, emus and eagles • 1 x ‘stand-up’ dance with song – ‘Farewell Dance’ Also available in a 45 minute or 60 minute sessions with: • Bull roarer demonstration • Indigenous artifacts • More animal mimicking

Aboriginal Culture for A Day with Gene Blow

Immerse your students in Australian Indigenous culture with three rotating sessions of cultural programs led by Elder and culture worker Gene Blow, a Noonuccal man from Minjerribah (North Stradbroke Island) with over 20 years’ experience sharing his heritage with students. Gene teaches dance, and Gamillaroi artist Tracy Heaydon runs the session on symbolic Aboriginal art. Elders and storytellers Uncle Alex Davidson and Uncle Norm Hegarty will blow students away with their stories of the Dreaming and of life growing up Aboriginal in Queensland.