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A month of Weeks: Cultural Events for June

May 26, 2017
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June is jam-packed with cultural events, stretching from Reconciliation Week right to Refugee Week. There is lots of dance, music, food and wine, and even a little bit of film. Here at Cultural Infusion, we really, really like all of those things.  So in the hope of seeing you there, here is our selection.

Mabo Day (3 June) –commemorates Eddie Mabo’s fight for Aborigine and Torres Strait Islander land rights. He challenged the High Court of Australia and brought Native Title (right of indigenous people to their own land) into the act of law. Mabo Day is part of National Reconciliation Week (27 May – 3 June).

In Melbourne, head out to Fed Square for a picnic and celebrations.  For events in South Queensland, check out Mabo Day Celebrations Facebook page.

Melbourne International Jazz Festival (2 June- 12 June)is an annual world class festival taking place throughout the streets of Melbourne. Over 40,000 people will be attending events across Melbourne, featuring musical acts as well as free concerts, artist workshops, film screenings and club sessions.

Sydney Film Festival (7 June to 18 June)Aside from the glitz and glamour of the film industry. The festival will feature a variety of movies, documentaries, and shorts from across the globe. If you are a film fanatic, then you’re in luck!

Barunga Festival (9- 11 June) is one of the most important and longest running events in regional Australia. Now celebrating its 32nd year running, the festival is bound not to disappoint. A popular event throughout the Katherine Region, the 3 day long festival will showcase the best of Aborigine culture from music, dance, art, sport, food, and a wide variety of workshops. This is a unique experience to engage with regional Indigenous culture at its roots.

National Celtic Festival (9 June- 12 June)offers an artistic insight into Celtic culture in the heart of Portarlington, Victoria. Bringing Celtic artists from across the globe to the heart of Portarlington, the festival features a variety of dance, music and theatre acts suitable for all ages.

Greek Glenti (10 June- 11 June)is a festival in the Bicentennial Park, Darwin consisting of local and interstate acts, showcasing the best of Greek culture including food, wine, music and dance.

A Taste of Portugal (11 June)is a cultural festival that celebrates the culture of Portuguese-speaking countries. Experience Portuguese food, music, language and culture, all at Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne.

New Beginnings: Arts and Culture Festival for Refugee Week (21 June- 2 July)Enjoy the arts and talents of Australia’s Refugees in celebration of National Refugee Week. Held at Redfern and Waterloo, the festival will be a hub to meet artists, walk through visual art installations and experience dance, music and food of many global cultures.
Refugee Week (18-24 June) is an annual celebration of the positive contributions of refugees in Australian society and raises awareness surrounding the issues which refugees have to face. This year’s theme is “With courage let us all combine” calls for Australians to embrace refugees into local communities.

Italian Food and Wine Festival (25 June) – If you enjoy a good bowl of pasta or want to taste the best of Italian meats, come along to the Royal Exhibition Hall in Melbourne. Featuring the best of salami, pasta cheese and many more, walk through the halls of Italian stores which will sure be a treat for any Italian food lover.

In particular, June celebrates the historical triumphs of Indigenous communities throughout Australia. Take action in your community by showcasing and educating others on the importance of Indigenous culture. Cultural Infusion’s schools programs help educate primary and secondary school students through fun and engaging performances.

The Indigenous school programs let students to become fully immersed in the unique and rich aspects of Aborigine culture.

Refugee Week is also fast approaching, a time to acknowledge the positive contributions that refugees bring to Australia. Get your students to experience diversity in a fun packed day with our Multicultural All Day program.

Which of these events will you be attending?

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