The Cultural Infusion Foundation is a not-for-profit, charitable organisation that delivers programs and workshops to communities, youth and disadvantaged areas.


A world that is culturally and socially cohesive, and values the richness of our collective cultural heritage.


To build cultural harmony and well-being through contributing to a society that values it.

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The Foundation seeks

Summary of activities

Promote shared cultural citizenship and intercultural understanding.
Bridge the gap between people irrespective of their cultural backgrounds.
Initiate and seek support for innovative projects and programs.
Research and promote new models of cultural and community development.
Establish new ways forward toward these goals at the local, national, and international levels.
Work with our friends, supporters and partners to help deliver valuable intercultural programs.

Peter mousaferiadis

CEO & Founder
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The board

The volunteer board is dedicated to supporting disadvantaged communities and using culture to promote the growth of intercultural understanding..
Colin Benjamin

Dr Colin Benjamin

Elizabeth Gertsakis

Elizabeth Gertsakis

Board Member
Quincy Hall

Quincy Hall

Board Member
Joy Murphy

Joy Murphy

Service Patron
Ian Roberts

Ian Roberts

Service Patron

Our Partners and supporters

Our friends, our supporters, and our valued past and current partners in government and philanthropy, have helped us deliver our intercultural programs over many years.
Australian National University
Salzburg Global Seminar
UNESCO Australia
BMW group

Foundation Programs

From the gifts of time and money, the Foundation runs a number of programs that support disadvantaged people throughout Australia and internationally that help access remote communities as well as supporting, training and developing youth and disadvantaged people.

The Living Culture Program

Cultural Infusion’s Living Culture program works to preserve cultural diversity in impoverished communities in Africa and Asia. We recognise that community cultural practices imbue members with a sense of identity and belonging.

The Migrant Science Communicator Program

This program supports science and engineering-qualified migrants who have struggled to find appropriate work in Australia, and train them as science presenters for school environments.

The FReeZA program

A youth development program that provides opportunities for young Victorians aged 12-25 across metropolitan, regional and rural Victoria to access live music events and other cultural, recreational and artistic events that are drug, alcohol and smoke-free in supervised and safe venues.