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May 21 2022


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World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development

Emphasising the importance of intercultural diversity, dialogue and harmony, World Day for Cultural Diversity celebrates the richness and beauty of cultures around the world. Learning about other philosophies, cuisine and social structures develops and challenges our mind to think outside of what we are used to. To expand our knowledge, we must challenge our thoughts and having a thorough understanding of cultural diversity is the solution. In order to achieve sustainability, peace and success in our globalised world, understanding of other cultures is essential. World Day for Cultural Diversity highlights the need for intercultural recognition, acceptance and acknowledgement at a local and global level.

Our Multicultural Day Program available in all states is a comprehensive workshop with themes culture, language, culture and more. With interactive and engaging activities students will discover the cultures and complexity that makes up the world. Through intercultural understanding students will be equipped in navigating through our culturally diverse world with empathy, compassion and respect.