Our comprehensive services include:

Since 2002, Cultural Infusion successfully delivered creative and cultural events across Australia.

  • Strategic planning, concept development and demographic research

    In-depth understanding of your audience, tailored to your specific marketing objectives.

  • Creative, artistic direction and talent sourcing

    Long-standing relationships with thousands of performers from practically every cultural background represented in Australia.

  • Theming, decoration and memorabilia

    The ability to create unique themes and environments to bring an event to life, including tangible elements that take the event back home with your audience.

  • Project, production, event and stage management

    Flawless execution with no detail overlooked to ensure the event delivers to its objectives without fail.

  • Equipment hire and technical provision

    Covering all aspects of technical deployment ranging from intimate and private to major public events.

  • Collateral design, publicity and promotion

    Effective and creative communication that engages new audiences, creates interest and puts the spotlight on your event even before it starts.

We can help you organise an event you will never forget!
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What we can do for you


  • Attract Customers
  • Boost Sales
  • Entertain, Engage and Impress

We will transform a trip to the shops into an immersive experience that will impress and uplift your customers and make them feel at home, eager to return much more often than before.

Some of our clients:


  • Deliver Maximum Impact
  • Respect Diversity and Inclusion
  • Entertain, Engage and Impress

In Australia’s multicultural landscape, understanding and respecting the nuances of different cultures is crucial to attracting new customers and rewarding new and existing ones with maximum satisfaction.

Some of our clients:


  • Attract more Students
  • Motivate and Engage
  • Excite and Impress

We will transform a day on campus into an immersive experience that will impress and uplift your students and make them feel at home, motivating them to achieve to their fullest capacity.

Some of our clients:


  • Provide Cultural Relevance
  • Create Lasting Memories
  • Entertain, Engage and Impress

Whether it’s welcome to country, an opening ceremony, a closing gala or a networking event, we will transform your conference into a memorable cultural experience that will leave a long-lasting impact on your guests.


  • Attract new Residents
  • Recognise Diversity
  • Entertain, Engage and Impress

Through our events, we will provide your facility with unique cultural experiences that will stimulate, entertain and make your residents feel at home, welcome and respected.


  • Recognise and Respect Diversity
  • Stand out from the Competition
  • Entertain, Engage and Impress

In Australia’s multicultural landscape, careful attention needs to be paid to recognising and respecting the diversity of audiences anywhere. We will help ensure your festival is an inclusive, rewarding experience that drives satisfaction straight through to your audience’s identity.