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Cultural Infusion is a social enterprise that works with schools, youth, and the arts to promote cultural harmony for a more cohesive and richer society. Cultural Infusion believes that as people who live in a diverse society, in a globalised world, the ability to move between and respect cultures is an invaluable asset.


Culture is a mighty force. Cultural Infusion believes that culture is an enabler and driver of sustainability and quality education, an eradicator of poverty and a key to social cohesion and inclusion.


Cultural Infusion achieves its goals through the delivery of a range of sustainable arts and engagement programs including a range of innovative digital interactive media targeted to schools, youth and communities. Cultural Infusion has delivered a range of creative services, products and ongoing programs to Azerbaijan, Brazil, Cambodia, Egypt, India, US., South Africa, China, Pakistan, the UK, the Philippines, Portugal and throughout Australia.


Cultural Infusion has been a winner of more than 15 international awards including the United Nations Alliance of Civilization Intercultural Innovation Award (UNAoC) and developed the winning slogan “Diversified We Grow” for the UNAoC “Do One Thing for Diversity and Inclusiveness” campaign. Cultural Infusion has produced intercultural experiences at major events for organisations such as the United Nations, Commonwealth Games and the Parliament of the World’s Religions.



Our vision is a world that is culturally and socially cohesive that values the richness of our collective cultural heritage.



To build cultural harmony and well being through contributing to a society that:

  • values intercultural understanding
  • utilises its cultural richness to benefit society as a whole and
  • uses cultural and artistic expression as a means of promoting social cohesion


Discovering Diversity Schools Program

• Presentations and workshops presented by authentic cultural practitioners
• Well-being programs to address bullying, body image, cyber safety and emotional stress.
• Intercultural Citizenship Ambassador Program (ICAP)



Reaching out to disadvantaged and impoverished young people in

  • Brazil
  • Cambodia
  • Egypt
  • India
  • South Africa
  • Indonesia

Cultural Infusion is developing generations who are equipped to lead their communities forward.



  • Sound Infusion  – a free, online, interactive learning experience that blends music making and cultural awareness. Sound Infusion was a winner of the 2013 United Nations Alliance of Civilizations’ Intercultural Innovation Award.


  • Joko’s World – a series of free musical apps that combine the sounds for musical instruments from around the world with simple adventure tasks.


We partner with government authorities, corporates, community groups, schools, and NGO’s to deliver high quality programs rich in diversity. Integrating art, theatre, music, multi-media design, and social media in consultation with communities and clients to deliver quality experiences and positive social impact.