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For over ten years Cultural Infusion has been working with a network of artists representing culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and cultural practices.


Cultural programs

A leading provider of cultural education programs throughout Australia for almost two decades, Cultural Infusion promotes intercultural harmony and understanding throughout schools, early learning centres and community organisations.

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Indigenous incursions

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Virtual Delivery

Developed to cater to the changing needs of our new COVID normal.
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Digital Learning apps

Our award-winning digital learning products serve our aim of building global harmony through music, gamification and virtual experiences.

Designed to suit a range of year levels and are ideal for remote learning, each platform contains lesson plans created by leading curriculum experts and teachers, interactive educational games, music and other activities.

Mungo explorer

Explore Lake Mungo, home to the oldest human remains in Australia, and the oldest ritual burials in the world.Through the disciplines of science, geology and archaeology students are provided with a window to Australia's past.

Sound Infusion

Integrate indigenous sounds and promote intercultural understanding with an e-learning platform that simulates a virtual band with almost every instrument in the world. Sound Infusion features a diverse and multicultural array of quality sound samples with a composition studio to create original music and 40 lesson plans for years 1 to 10 - linked to the Australian Curriculum as well as the International Baccalaureate.

Joko’s World

Follow the journey of Joko, a blue nightingale, who travels to different countries with students to explore different musical instruments and cultural events. Joko’s World incorporates music, history, geography and culture.

Global Citizenship Program

The Intercultural Citizenship Ambassador Program (ICAP) addresses ‘Intercultural Understanding’ as specified in the Australian Curriculum as a General Capability for all students, reflecting the growing diversity and accelerated cultural shifts now taking place in society.