The Tragic Genius of Mrs Einstein

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Mileva Maric met Albert Einstein when they were both students in Zurich. Mileva was a brilliant experimental physicist, and together she and Albert conducted the experiments that would lead to E=mc2. Mileva and Albert fell in love, worked together, married and had children. They shared a passion for science and a passion for each other. Using the authentic letters between the couple, The Tragic Genius of Mrs Einstein explores the science and the relationship. It asks the question: If Mileva contributed nothing to his work (as Einstein later claimed) why did he give her all the money from his Nobel Prize? Chemist Marija Pavela shares a hometown and a love of science with Mileva Maric, as well as a burning desire to inspire young women to achieve in science. The Tragic Genius of Mrs Einstein is equal parts science, inspiration and heartrending romance. This Science Communicator program is part of a series of school incursions developed to highlight the underpinning role that culture plays in shaping human progress, presented in partnership with the Royal Society of Victoria.

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