Wayang Kulit with Tom Suffling

Presented by Tom and Sofari, the Wayang Kulit, is a puppetry performance using traditional hand carved shadow puppets from Java, Indonesia! The Indonesian words wayang (shadow or ghost) and kulit (leather or skin) define the two-dimensional Puppets that are flat, translucent figures cut out from leather and projected against a screen. The mystical manipulation between the light and screen creates a ‘living’ silhouette, and theatrical storytelling brings to life the ancestral spirits which are said to dwell within the puppets. The Climactic scenes are based on Hindu epics such as the Ramayama cycle. Find out about Indonesian characters and community through this compelling and ghostly medium

Fairytale Puppetry – Exploring Languages

Engage with language and culture through a range of nine classic fairytales and stories told through exquisitely crafted traditional European hand puppets. The performances feature audience participation and are available in French and Mandarin. This program can be tailored to suit different ages or language levels. The Jungle Book: – 45 minutes – Pre-Primary and Primary – French, Mandarin The performance and language content (LOTE) is adapted accordingly. The level of vocabulary is easy. The children will be asked to sing and repeat easy words in the language they are learning. Ideal show for beginners. Puss in Boots: – 50 minutes – Years 5-8 – French, Mandarin The performance and language content (LOTE) is adapted accordingly. The level of vocabulary is for students who have a reasonable understanding of the language. The puppets will interact with the students, in the language they are learning. Ideal show for students who have done a minimum of 1 to 2 years of LOTE.

Japanese Infusion

Aiko brings to life Japanese culture with this beautifully crafted program. She teaches children about Japanese culture, traditions, seasons and celebrations through the use of puppets, songs, games and storytelling. This is an active and engaging program that will have students learning words and numbers in Japanese and, most importantly, having lots of fun.

Hero Ladybirds of the Galapagos Islands

Carolina Zuluaga is an ecologist who worked on the project to introduce the Australian Ladybird to the Galapagos Islands with the aim of controlling a feral insect that was destroying the balance in the ecosystem. Through her firsthand experience and the help of cute hand puppets she tells a fabulously quirky story that helps children understand basic ecology. This Science Communicator program is part of a series of school incursions developed to highlight the underpinning role that culture plays in shaping human progress, presented in partnership with the Royal Society of Victoria.

Jungle Shimmy

Hailed by parents and teachers as a one-woman-multicultural-rock-concert-for-kids, Jungle Shimmy is a dynamic music and dance adventure across the world! With colourful props and fun, easy-to-follow dances including Belly Dance, Bollywood, Bhangra, Turkish, Egyptian, Gulf and Lebanese folk styles, everybody is up on their feet dancing. The shrill cry of a zaghareet, exotic instruments, rhythms like Khaleegi, Maqsoum and Beledi, and a unique hand made puppet theatre draws audiences of all ages into a captivating world of culture and creative self-expression.