Indigenous Storytelling through Art

Through this practical workshop, the presenter will invite the students to learn Indigenous art symbols for man, woman, child, the land and numerous animals. The presenter creates a story using the symbols, and explains how to interpret it to the students. After copying and practicing drawing the symbols, the students will get to create and draw their own story (with the presenter’s assistance) using the symbols and techniques they have learned. Finally, students are invited to present their stories to the rest of the group.

Indigenous Infusion with Djarrin Blow

Indigenous Educator Djarrin Blow helps students gain a deeper understanding and appreciation through this dynamic program. Including didgeridoo, dances, Dreamtime storytelling, Indigenous artefacts and boomerang throwing these programs are interactive as well as informative. Programs can be tailored for different year levels and curriculum areas.

Kinder Dreaming with Djarrin Blow

Djarrin’s pre-primary program is an energetic and entertaining introduction to Indigenous Australian culture for children under 5. Featuring short Dreamtime stories, didgeridoo, dances, songs, artefacts and games this program is a fun way for younger children to start engaging with Indigenous culture in a fun and interactive way.

A Journey Through Ancient Persia

Experience ancient Persia through the traditional and mystical instruments of the Santur, Daf, Darbuka and Tombak. Students are given the opportunity to participate and play the instruments, exploring rhythm and sound. The music in this program will give the students insight into an ancient civilization!

The Chinese Harpist

Zhao Liang is a Chinese Harpist from The School of Chinese Music and Arts, established in 2005 to teach the Guzheng or Chinese Harp. This workshop presents the origins of the harp and introduces traditional Chinese music. This is followed by a beautiful performance and an interactive workshop where students learn a traditional song.

Tarantella Duo

Join Italian teacher and folk dancer Carmella and Calabrian folk singer Amadeo for a lively session of Italian ballads and Tarantella dancing. Carmella will also show a display of artefacts and trinkets collected from her travels around Italy. Both wear beautiful Southern Italian folk costumes and are native Italian speakers, so language can be incorporated to suit students levels.

Classical Indian Dance

Immerse your students in the culture of ancient India that is still practiced to this day. After an amazing performance set to the sound of classical instruments and Sanskrit chants students will learn some of the symbolic gestures and movements and the stories they tell

Caribbean Soul

From laidback melodies to exciting dance beats Errol and Jay Renaud from Trinidad and Tobago introduce students to the musical sounds of the Caribbean. They introduce students to soca, calypso and reggae music played on their national instrument the steel drums.

Balkan Beats

Embark on a musical journey to Southeastern Europe with an interactive music program suitable for all ages. Students can use whatever percussion instruments they have available – Darabuka, Djembe, Bendir, or just clap their hands! As they learn the rhythms of the Turkish gypsies, Bulgarian dancers and Macedonian maestros.

Ciao! Migrating to Australia

Emilio Ricciuti brings alive the true story of Pasquale as he comes to Australia for the first time in 1950. This unique story is based on Emilio’s father and is told through dance and theater, revealing historical and cultural insights to one of Australia’s most significant migrant communities. The presentation ends with a celebratory traditional dance of southern Italy – the Tarantella!