Wayang Kulit with Tom Suffling

Presented by Tom and Sofari, the Wayang Kulit, is a puppetry performance using traditional hand carved shadow puppets from Java, Indonesia! The Indonesian words wayang (shadow or ghost) and kulit (leather or skin) define the two-dimensional Puppets that are flat, translucent figures cut out from leather and projected against a screen. The mystical manipulation between the light and screen creates a ‘living’ silhouette, and theatrical storytelling brings to life the ancestral spirits which are said to dwell within the puppets. The Climactic scenes are based on Hindu epics such as the Ramayama cycle. Find out about Indonesian characters and community through this compelling and ghostly medium

Indonesian Infusion

Astit and her group will show students the amazing diversity of the Indonesian community through dance and music from Sumatra, Java, Bali and more. Or, choose to focus a workshop on Gamelan music and the Angklung, Batik print making, traditional games, Balinese Offerings or even an Indonesian Cooking Class!

Indonesian Dance

This vibrant program introduces contemporary and traditional Indonesian dances from diverse regions like Bali, Java or Sumatra. Astit leads a group of experienced Indonesian dancers and artists who use Indonesian language, traditional and modern music and colourful outfits to teach students the significance of music and dance in Indonesian life.

Spirit of Bali

This is an immersive experience where students learn about the mythology of Balinese culture through music and dance. Students will learn the origins of symbolic movement in different dances and try the steps for themselves. The program can also introduce rice basket weaving, Balinese singing and Balinese language learning on request. The colourful Cendrawasih dance is named after the tropical Birds of Paradise from Indonesia’s eastern most province, Papua. The dance represents the freedom enjoyed by these beautiful wild birds of the forest while they fly and splash in natural springs. The dance depicts the courtship display and is performed by two female dancers. Students will be taught the origin of the dance, the meanings and significance of dance in Balinese culture, and learn the basic steps and basic Indonesian terms related to the dance.

Spirit of Indonesia With Sisca

Acting as an introduction to Indonesian culture, this program explores the customs, language, dance styles and traditional dress of the island nations. Drawing on historic events and tying into the current day, Sisca takes students on an exploration of the islands of Bali and Java. This program is also available as an all-day program for a more in depth experience.