Indian Instrumental Infusion (sitar)

Deeply rooted in Indian classical music traditions, Sudha Manian started her training in Indian classical music and dance: Sitar and Bhartnatyam at the age of nine with her Gurus in Hyderabad, India. Sudha is wholeheartedly committed to her art and her passion is contagious as she performs amazing music and gives students insight into the most recognizable Indian instrument – the Sitar

Classical Indian Dance

Immerse your students in the culture of ancient India that is still practiced to this day. After an amazing performance set to the sound of classical instruments and Sanskrit chants students will learn some of the symbolic gestures and movements and the stories they tell

Indian Instruments

Discover some of the most significant instruments of Indian classical and contemporary music with this program presented by some of India’s foremost musicians, now based in Melbourne. Jay Dabgar presents the Tabla, India’s most popular percussion instrument. The tabla consists of a pair of drums and is the fastest played percussion instrument in the world! Jay is an award-winning tabla player who has been steeped in Indian musical traditions throughout his life, training for eighteen years and coming from a long line of tabla makers and players. Vinod Prassana presents the Bansuri, a bamboo flute that is the chosen instrument of Lord Krishna and one of the oldest musical instruments of India. Vinod comes from a family who’s flute playing history dates back two and a half centuries. Since residing in Australia Vinod has continued his work as a performing and recording artist, craftsman and teacher promoting the Bansuri and Indian traditional and contemporary music.

Bollywood Infusion

Bollywood is an important part of modern Indian culture, it incorporates film, music and of course – dance! This program presents a vibrant Bollywood Dance workshop where students will learn about the folk and classical origins or the dances and the symbolism of some of the moves. Students will learn a short routine backed by awesome Bollywood tunes and get to try some colourful props and outfits too.