Indigenous Symbolic Art with Gene Blow

Gene introduces students to Indigenous art techniques and explains the meaning behind colours and symbols that combine to tell stories. Gene will demonstrate how the symbols for man, woman, child, waterhole, river and meeting place can be used and interpreted. Students then take this knowledge and create their own stories. At the end of the session, students will have the opportunity to show their artwork and tell their stories

Indigenous Infusion with Gene Blow

Elder and culture worker Gene Blow has over 20 years’ experience sharing and teaching about his Aboriginal heritage. He demonstrates the didgeridoo and explains its origin and true name. He tells stories of the Dreaming and teaches sit-down dances which illustrate how stories are told through movement and introduces symbols found in Aboriginal visual art.

Shorat Tursun Trio, Sound of Multicultural Australia

The Shohrat Tursun Trio is a combination of ancient melodies and African rhythms woven into compositions that can only be found in Australia. Shohrat Tursun is a world renowned musician and Uygur Bard, Yaw Derkyi is a Ghanaian elder and percussionist and Richard Petkovic provides the modern twist by actively inviting the musicians to share their cultures in a new way.

Kinder Dreamtime with Larry Brandy

Larry Brandy is an Aboriginal storyteller with thirty years of experience. In this program tailored to younger students he introduces his Wiradjuri culture with a focus on the significance of family, the environment and everyday life. Masks and artefacts are shown to the children to explain how Aboriginal people hunted in traditional times. Students learn a dance with clapsticks and boomerangs and dance in a small Corroboree.

Indigenous Infusion with Larry Brandy

Larry Brandy is an Aboriginal storyteller with thirty years of experience. He has an engaging and interactive style incorporating movement, history and artifacts. He introduces students to his Wiradjuri culture with a focus on the significance of family, the environment and everyday life. This program can be adjusted to three hours for a more in depth experience.

Indigenous Infusion with Walangari

The multi-talented Walangari Karntawarra is an Arrernte Aboriginal elder from Alice Springs who lives and works in Sydney. He is an international award winning, contemporary “Western Desert” painter as well as an accomplished musician and performer. Join Walangari for an entertaining and educational program showcasing traditional dance, music and storytelling. Topics and Activities include: – Didgeridoo – describes how it is made and how to create the sounds – Bush tucker and bush medicines – Tool & artefacts – Language – Body and face design – Dreaming stories – Traditional song and music – Learn dances – Traditional game

Indigenous Storytelling through Art

Through this practical workshop, the presenter will invite the students to learn Indigenous art symbols for man, woman, child, the land and numerous animals. The presenter creates a story using the symbols, and explains how to interpret it to the students. After copying and practicing drawing the symbols, the students will get to create and draw their own story (with the presenter’s assistance) using the symbols and techniques they have learned. Finally, students are invited to present their stories to the rest of the group.

Indigenous Infusion with Djarrin Blow

Indigenous Educator Djarrin Blow helps students gain a deeper understanding and appreciation through this dynamic program. Including didgeridoo, dances, Dreamtime storytelling, Indigenous artefacts and boomerang throwing these programs are interactive as well as informative. Programs can be tailored for different year levels and curriculum areas.

Kinder Dreaming with Djarrin Blow

Djarrin’s pre-primary program is an energetic and entertaining introduction to Indigenous Australian culture for children under 5. Featuring short Dreamtime stories, didgeridoo, dances, songs, artefacts and games this program is a fun way for younger children to start engaging with Indigenous culture in a fun and interactive way.

Ciao! Migrating to Australia

Emilio Ricciuti brings alive the true story of Pasquale as he comes to Australia for the first time in 1950. This unique story is based on Emilio’s father and is told through dance and theater, revealing historical and cultural insights to one of Australia’s most significant migrant communities. The presentation ends with a celebratory traditional dance of southern Italy – the Tarantella!