Indonesian Dance

This vibrant program introduces contemporary and traditional Indonesian dances from diverse regions like Bali, Java or Sumatra. Astit leads a group of experienced Indonesian dancers and artists who use Indonesian language, traditional and modern music and colourful outfits to teach students the significance of music and dance in Indonesian life.

Chinese Kite Making with Tom Lo

Did you know that kites were invented in China? Tom Lo and his team present this hands on program where students will make their own colourful paper kite. Students will learn about the symbolism of different shapes and animals used in this ancient craft as well as practice Chinese calligraphy to decorate their kites.

A Journey Through Ancient Persia

Experience ancient Persia through the traditional and mystical instruments of the Santur, Daf, Darbuka and Tombak. Students are given the opportunity to participate and play the instruments, exploring rhythm and sound. The music in this program will give the students insight into an ancient civilization!

The Chinese Harpist

Zhao Liang is a Chinese Harpist from The School of Chinese Music and Arts, established in 2005 to teach the Guzheng or Chinese Harp. This workshop presents the origins of the harp and introduces traditional Chinese music. This is followed by a beautiful performance and an interactive workshop where students learn a traditional song.

Spirit of Bali

This is an immersive experience where students learn about the mythology of Balinese culture through music and dance. Students will learn the origins of symbolic movement in different dances and try the steps for themselves. The program can also introduce rice basket weaving, Balinese singing and Balinese language learning on request. The colourful Cendrawasih dance is named after the tropical Birds of Paradise from Indonesia’s eastern most province, Papua. The dance represents the freedom enjoyed by these beautiful wild birds of the forest while they fly and splash in natural springs. The dance depicts the courtship display and is performed by two female dancers. Students will be taught the origin of the dance, the meanings and significance of dance in Balinese culture, and learn the basic steps and basic Indonesian terms related to the dance.

Classical Indian Dance

Immerse your students in the culture of ancient India that is still practiced to this day. After an amazing performance set to the sound of classical instruments and Sanskrit chants students will learn some of the symbolic gestures and movements and the stories they tell

Chinese Fan Dance

A colourful demonstration of the Chinese Fan Dance where after a beautiful demonstration from the presenter, students will each get their own fan to try the dance for themselves!

Chinese Culture for a Day

This program incorporates two rotating sessions into one all day program celebrating diversity in Chinese culture. May Wang and her team can tailor a program to include Chinese Lion Dance, Martial Arts, a drumming workshop, folk dancing, calligraphy or lantern making.

Chinese Dance and Arts

This program engages students with an incredible performance of folk dances from across China such as the Lantern Dance, Ribbon Dance or Fan Dance. Students will practise a short routine using some of the moves they’ve seen, performed to both traditional and contemporary Chinese music.

Bali in Motion

This program provides students with the opportunity to experience a true taste of Balinese Cultural activities! Music, dance and the visual arts form a foundation to traditional Balinese life and myths and legends are incorporated into these arts. Your students will participate in a colourful and interactive program, and gain appreciation for the harmony within the culture.