Spirit of Indonesia with Maria

Acting as an introduction to Indonesian culture, this program explores the customs, language, dance styles and traditional dress of the island nations. Drawing on historic events and tying into the current day, Maria takes students on an exploration of the islands of Bali and Java. Maria showcases a fusion of traditional and contemporary dance styles such as the Tari Merak (Peacock Dance) or the martial arts inspired Bajidor Kahot. This program is also available as an all-day program for a more in depth experience.

Iranian Voices

This program features the voices of women from Iran and the Iranian diaspora. Iranian-Australian musician Gelareh Pour will present stories and cultures of musicians in Iran through the exploration of Iranian women singers before and after the 1979 Revolution in Iran. Throughout the storytelling Gelareh plays the Kamancheh, a fascinating and ancient Iranian string instrument which is an ancestor of the European violin.

Indian Instruments

Discover some of the most significant instruments of Indian classical and contemporary music with this program presented by some of India’s foremost musicians, now based in Melbourne. Jay Dabgar presents the Tabla, India’s most popular percussion instrument. The tabla consists of a pair of drums and is the fastest played percussion instrument in the world! Jay is an award-winning tabla player who has been steeped in Indian musical traditions throughout his life, training for eighteen years and coming from a long line of tabla makers and players. Vinod Prassana presents the Bansuri, a bamboo flute that is the chosen instrument of Lord Krishna and one of the oldest musical instruments of India. Vinod comes from a family who’s flute playing history dates back two and a half centuries. Since residing in Australia Vinod has continued his work as a performing and recording artist, craftsman and teacher promoting the Bansuri and Indian traditional and contemporary music.

Middle Eastern Drumming

Drumming and rhythm are an integral part of Middle Eastern Cultures and the foundation of Belly Dance. In this program students will experience vibrant and unique Middle Eastern rhythms and learn about their origin and influences. Atman will present several types of drums and instruments and students will try playing themselves.

Taiko Drumming with A.YA

Ayako and Ayako present traditional and original Japanese music in this program combining an amazing performance and interactive workshop. Students are introduced to an array of Japanese instruments before the room shakes with the sound of the Taiko drums!

Korean Taekwondo Workshop

This program incorporates both dynamic displays of Taekwondo and active participation by students. Students will learn empowering values and fostering of qualities such as confidence, positive outlook, safety and cultural awareness in an engaging, fun and safe environment. Students will get to learn the meanings of basic Korean words and engage in Korean etiquette such as bowing and greeting each other.

Chinese Classical Dance

This program engages students with an incredible performance of classical folk dances from across China such as the Lantern Dance, Ribbon Dance and Fan Dance. Students will practice a short routine using some of the moves they’ve seen, performed to both traditional and contemporary Chinese music. Presenters will supply props such as ribbons, fans and lanterns for students to dance with too!

Mulan Fan Dance

The Mulan Fan Dance blends a graceful folk dance with strong Kung Fu moves, which students will learn in this interactive program. Sindy Mu explains the true story of the legendary female warrior Mulan (as depicted in the Disney film) and why this ancient story is still so significant in Chinese culture.

Story of the Silk Road

With a focus on the historical Silk Road trading route in China, this program mixes Kung Fu movements and classic Chinese dancing to depict the art and architectural styles around Dunhuang. Born of the mix of cultures and religions on the Silk Road, Sindy preserves the stories and art found in ancient caves of northwest China through her dance and presentation.

Commedia Dell’Arte – The Greatest Pie in the world

‘The Greatest Pie In The World’ has been crafted by proud baker Pantalone for his love interest Columbina. This comedy follows clumsy servant Arlecchino as he attempts to deliver the pie under the attentive eye of Scaramouche the thief! This program features music, dance, slapstick and iconic Commedia dell’ Arte characters.