West African Dance & Music

In this high-energy program students will be dancing traditional and contemporary styles of West Africa accompanied by music from Senegal, Ghana and Guinea. Students will learn the stories and cultural significance behind the moves and songs and engage in dance, call and response singing and some percussion.

Yoga and Mindfulness

Yoga and Bollywood dance teacher Valli will introduce students to the symbolism and cultural history of yoga. She uses flowing yoga postures and classical hand gestures with meditation and breath techniques that are suitable to the age and ability of students. This program energises and engages students in this ancient practice. Valli also offers a Yoga Infusion Program comprising a course of four sessions.

Aboriginal Culture for a Day with Djarrin Blow

Immerse your students in Australian Indigenous culture with a full day of activities and rotating sessions of cultural programs. Led by popular Indigenous presenter Djarrin Blow (son of Gene Blow), this program will give students the chance to experience storytelling, boomerang throwing, didgeridoo and dance. At the end of the day students will all come together for a final performance and celebration at the end of the day.

Rebetika – The Greek Blues

Con Kalamaras and Wayne Simmons present this program about Rebetika music created when the Ottoman, Byzantine and Greek worlds came together through urban subcultures in 20th century Greece. The lyrics tell stories spanning love, loss, refugee tales and the trials of everyday life and the music is played on guitar-like instruments like the Bouzouki – hence the nickname ‘The Greek Blues’!

Rhythm Empire

Rhythm Empire is a theatrical multicultural music and dance extravaganza featuring rhythms, dances, instruments, language and costumes from across the ancient world. The colourful history and cultures of the Silk Road come to life when audiences join the performance, to barter, trade, and perform in a rollicking world music jam!

Hero Ladybirds of the Galapagos Islands

Carolina Zuluaga is an ecologist who worked on the project to introduce the Australian Ladybird to the Galapagos Islands with the aim of controlling a feral insect that was destroying the balance in the ecosystem. Through her firsthand experience and the help of cute hand puppets she tells a fabulously quirky story that helps children understand basic ecology. This Science Communicator program is part of a series of school incursions developed to highlight the underpinning role that culture plays in shaping human progress, presented in partnership with the Royal Society of Victoria.

Fire of Flamenco

Flamenco incorporates dance, music and singing and has a rich, multicultural history influenced by Roma, Arab, West African and Spanish cultures. The music is created with instrumental guitar, uniquevocals, clapping rhythms and other percussion. Students will have to opportunity to try the accompanying ‘palmas’ and learn some of the dance moves for themselves.

Cajon Drumming: Exploration of Global Rhythms

The Cajon originated in Africa, then travelled to South America, Asia and Europe – it’s a truly global instrument! Tawanda is an expert Cajon maker and percussionist and presents this drumming workshop where students will try different styles of Cajon playing and hear how migration and being open to change can lead to innovation and new shared meaning.

Jungle Shimmy

Hailed by parents and teachers as a one-woman-multicultural-rock-concert-for-kids, Jungle Shimmy is a dynamic music and dance adventure across the world! With colourful props and fun, easy-to-follow dances including Belly Dance, Bollywood, Bhangra, Turkish, Egyptian, Gulf and Lebanese folk styles, everybody is up on their feet dancing. The shrill cry of a zaghareet, exotic instruments, rhythms like Khaleegi, Maqsoum and Beledi, and a unique hand made puppet theatre draws audiences of all ages into a captivating world of culture and creative self-expression.

Indigenous Infusion with Sam Roberts

Wurundjeri and Dja Dja Wurrung Woman Sam Roberts shares her own culture with children through these engaging and informative sessions. Sessions can be adapted to students of all ages and focus on different aspects on Aboriginal culture, including Dreamtime Stories, artifacts, traditional symbols, art, language and dance.