Taiko Drumming

Taiko Drumming with A.YA

Ayako and Ayako present traditional and original Japanese music in this program combining an amazing performance and interactive workshop. Students are introduced to an array of Japanese instruments before the room shakes with the sound of the Taiko drums! Make an enquiry!

The Tragic Genius of Mrs Einstein

Mileva Maric met Albert Einstein when they were both students in Zurich. Mileva was a brilliant experimental physicist, and together she and Albert conducted the experiments that would lead to E=mc2. Mileva and Albert fell in love, worked together, married and had children. They shared a passion for science and a passion for each other. Using the authentic letters between …

Vive La France

Running since 2012 now and performed in hundreds of schools around Australia, Vive La France is a theatre performance featuring music, dance and comedy suited for year 5 and above. The program is a humorous, irreverent look at some of the events and character icons that have come to typify France’s great culture. Through a series of skits and sketches, …

West African Dance & Music

In this high-energy program students will be dancing traditional and contemporary styles of West Africa accompanied by music from Senegal, Ghana and Guinea. Students will learn the stories and cultural significance behind the moves and songs and engage in dance, call and response singing and some percussion. Make an enquiry!

Yoga and Mindfulness

Yoga and Bollywood dance teacher Valli will introduce students to the symbolism and cultural history of yoga. She uses flowing yoga postures and classical hand gestures with meditation and breath techniques that are suitable to the age and ability of students. This program energises and engages students in this ancient practice. Valli also offers a Yoga Infusion Program comprising a …