Taekwondo Interactive

Korean Taekwondo Workshop

Students will get to learn the meanings of basic Korean words and engage in Korean etiquette such as bowing and greeting each other. Make an enquiry!

Latin Dance Fiesta

Introducing students to dances such as the Salsa, Cha Cha Cha, Merengue, Bachata and Tango, this program explores the history and cultural significance of dance in Latin America. Presenters will use upbeat music and can incorporate the Spanish language as they describe their personal experiences of Latin American cultures. Make an enquiry!

les batons francais

Les Bâtons Français

From the Eiffel Tower to the Arc de Triomphe, get a taste of all things French as we follow Jacques and Pierre’s journey across France as they try and fulfill their wish of finding true love! Well versed in physical theatre and comedy, the show is designed to be fun and zany while also touching on many French icons and …

Middle Eastern Bellydance

Middle Eastern Bellydance

Make an enquiry! MUSIC – Learning balance, space awareness, coordination – Value dance works from Australia and other societies, cultures and times PERFORMING ARTS – Students participate in creative activity of their own and understand and engage with the artistic, cultural and intellectual work of others LOTE – Intercultural knowledge and language awareness – Develop an understanding of some of …

Middle Eastern Drumming

Drumming and rhythm are an integral part of Middle Eastern Cultures and the foundation of Belly Dance. In this program students will experience vibrant and unique Middle Eastern rhythms and learn about their origin and influences. Atman will present several types of drums and instruments and students will try playing themselves. Make an enquiry!

Mulan Fan Dance

The Mulan Fan Dance blends a graceful folk dance with strong Kung Fu moves, which students will learn in this interactive program. Sindy Mu explains the true story of the legendary female warrior Mulan (as depicted in the Disney film) and why this ancient story is still so significant in Chinese culture. Make an enquiry!

Rhythm Empire

Rhythm Empire is a theatrical multicultural music and dance extravaganza featuring rhythms, dances, instruments, language and costumes from across the ancient world. The colourful history and cultures of the Silk Road come to life when audiences join the performance, to barter, trade, and perform in a rollicking world music jam! Make an enquiry!

Rhythms and Instruments of West Africa

The musical cultures of West Africa are explored through rhythms and songs from Ghana, Guinea and Senegal. Students will be introduced to a range of instruments such as the djembe, dun dun drums, shekere, talking drum, balafon and more! This program is interactive and students will be playing the drums and other percussion instruments. Make an enquiry!