Tarantella Duo

Join Italian teacher and folk dancer Carmella and Calabrian folk singer Amadeo for a lively session of Italian ballads and Tarantella dancing. Carmella will also show a display of artefacts and trinkets collected from her travels around Italy. Both wear beautiful Southern Italian folk costumes and are native Italian speakers, so language can be incorporated to suit students levels. Make …

Bollywood Infusion Bollywood is an important part of modern Indian culture, it incorporates film, music and of course – dance!

Bollywood Infusion

Bollywood is an important part of modern Indian culture, it incorporates film, music and of course – dance! This program presents a vibrant Bollywood Dance workshop where students will learn about the folk and classical origins or the dances and the symbolism of some of the moves. Students will learn a short routine backed by awesome Bollywood tunes and get …

Early Years Chinese fan dance

Chinese Fan Dance

A colourful demonstration of the Chinese Fan Dance where after a beautiful demonstration from the presenter, students will each get their own fan to try the dance for themselves! Make an enquiry!

Chinese Lantern Making and Calligraphy

Paper lantern making has an ancient history in China. Join Ting in this hands on workshop where students will make their own colourful paper lanterns and practice Chinese calligraphy to decorate them. Students will learn about the history, symbolism and uses of lanterns in festivals and celebrations across China. Make an enquiry!

Chinese Martial Arts Workshop

A high energy workshop where presenters will discuss the history and philosophy of martial arts in China and demonstrate different styles of Kung-Fu and Tai-Chi. This workshop can be adapted to different ages and physical abilities. For larger groups or demonstrations our presenters can organise a live Chinese drumming accompaniment. Make an enquiry!

Chinese traditional dance

Chinese Dance

Join Bonnie for an interactive and educational traditional Chinese dance workshop. With over 10 years professional teaching and dance training with one of China’s premier dance schools, Bonnie will showcase traditional dances including Fan, Lantern, Mongolian, Tibetan, Korean and Classical Ribbon and workshop them with students. Make an enquiry!

Fairytale Puppetry: Exploring Languages with Carousel Theater

Engage with language and culture through a range of nine classic fairytales and stories told through exquisitely crafted traditional European hand puppets. The performances feature audience participation and are available in French, Italian, Spanish and German. Make an enquiry!

Hero Ladybirds of the Galapagos Islands

Carolina Zuluaga is an ecologist who worked on the project to introduce the Australian Ladybird to the Galapagos Islands with the aim of controlling a feral insect that was destroying the balance in the ecosystem. Through her firsthand experience and the help of cute hand puppets she tells a fabulously quirky story that helps children understand basic ecology. This Science …