Shadow Puppet Making Workshop with Sumardi

This workshop is the perfect accompaniment and extension for a booking of the Wayang Kulit. Sumardi will guide students through this workshop where they will make their own shadow puppets and learn some skills so that they can perform their own Wayang Kulit! The workshop features two characters, Bagong and Petruk. The students will learn about the visual symbolism showing …

Songs of Uganda

This workshop from Joseph centres on his heritage from the Baganda tribe in Uganda. He begins by performing traditional songs in the Baganda language accompanied by the Bakisimba dance and Kidigida rhythms. Students accompany Joseph by singing and learning the rhythms. Instruments used include Engoma (drums), Endingidi (tube fiddle), Amadinda (xylophone) and Adungu (harp). Make an enquiry!

Sumardi - Golek

Sumardi – Wayang Golek (Wooden Puppetry)

Dalang or Master Puppeteer Sumardi presents the Wayang Golek, a puppetry performance with three dimensional Javanese wooden puppets. They are operated with the expert movement of wooden rods and wear unique colourful costumes. The puppets and the Dalang (Master Puppeteer) are most significant in Javanese and Balinese cultures, and still hold deep significance in public life there. Traditionally the performance …

Sumardi – Wayang Kulit (Shadow Puppetry)

Dalang or Master Puppeteer Sumardi presents the Wayang Kulit, a puppetry performance using traditional, hand carved shadow puppets from Java, Indonesia! Make an enquiry! “The incursion was probably the best we’ve had in our school. The presenter was professional and highly engaging. The kids were fascinated and very impressed. The teachers all learnt a lot too and are following up …

Top School Incursions to Consider for your 2020 Classes

Taiko Drumming with Toko Ton

Toko-Ton’s program includes a Taiko drumming performance of classic and original music followed by an interactive workshop. They will showcase different sizes and styles of drums as well as other instruments like Japanese flutes and cymbals and use Japanese language adjusted to student level for greeting and keeping time. Make an enquiry!

Japanese Dance with Junko

Teacher, choreographer and art director Junko and her dance group combine different traditional Japanese dance styles into their own unique cultural experience. This program is a balance of dance performance set to unique Japanese instrumentals and interactive dance workshop. Junko wears amazing Kimonos and will demonstrate the strict art of Kimono dressing for students. Make an enquiry!

West African Dance & Music

In this high-energy program students will be dancing traditional and contemporary styles of West Africa accompanied by music from Senegal, Ghana and Guinea. Students will learn the stories and cultural significance behind the moves and songs and engage in dance, call and response singing and some percussion. Make an enquiry!