Chinese Martial Arts Workshop

A high energy workshop where presenters will discuss the history and philosophy of martial arts in China and demonstrate different styles of Kung-Fu and Tai-Chi. This workshop can be adapted to different ages and physical abilities. For larger groups or demonstrations our presenters can organise a live Chinese drumming accompaniment. Make an enquiry!

Chinese traditional dance

Chinese Dance

Join Bonnie for an interactive and educational traditional Chinese dance workshop. With over 10 years professional teaching and dance training with one of China’s premier dance schools, Bonnie will showcase traditional dances including Fan, Lantern, Mongolian, Tibetan, Korean and Classical Ribbon and workshop them with students. Make an enquiry!

La musique des années folles en France

‘La musique des années folles en France’ refers to the music of the post-war years of the roaring 20s which swept across the world. Multi-instrumentalists Peter and Marie Rappolt have been playing live music together since 1969 for this program they are joined by French cabaret singer Corrine Andrew to form ‘Viva the Trio’. The trio play music from legends …

Classical Indian Dance Immerse your students in the culture of ancient India that is still practiced to this day.

Classical Indian Dance

Immerse your students in the culture of ancient India that is still practiced to this day. After an amazing performance set to the sound of classical instruments and Sanskrit chants students will learn some of the symbolic gestures and movements and the stories they tell. Make an enquiry!

Commedia dell’ Arte with Fools in Progress – Duo Commedia

Brighella excitedly reminds Pantalone of his solemn promise to Esmeldina to finally pay all his servants. Pantalone begrudgingly agrees but only if Brighella gets all of his servants there at the same time. This sends Brighella into a panic and comedy ensues as he tries to find Arlecchino…who Pantalone has sent off into the countryside! About Fools in Progress: Founded …

Commedia dell’ Arte with Fools in Progress – The Elusive Scarf

Pantalone is infatuated with the beautiful Isabella who in turn loves Patrizio, Pantalone’s son! Patrizio decides on Valentine’s Day that he is going to declare his undying love and ask her to marry him. However, Pantalone begins courting Isabella first by sending her a silk scarf with his initial ‘P’ on it. The journey of the elusive scarf begins when …

Cool Capoeira

Students will be introduced to the instruments and songs of Capoeira, see an athletic display and try some moves themselves. Make an enquiry!

Doudoumba Drumming

Philippe Lincy was born in Guadeloupe and grew up in Guinea and Senegal before moving to Paris and finally Australia. This drumming workshop centres around the Djembe and Dunun from West Africa. Students will learn about different cultural styles of drumming and other instruments like the shekere. This program can be taught in English and French. Make an enquiry!

Follow Your Dreaming

Learn how to sing a song in Aboriginal language and listen to mythical and legendary stories of the Dreaming with singer-songwriter producer Thaylia. With mixed Aboriginal-Greek heritage, Thaylia delivers an interactive program that introduces students to contemporary Aboriginal identity through music. Make an enquiry!

Goodwill Ambassadors

The Goodwill Ambassadors are Middle-Eastern migrants with a message: it’s time to tackle cultural stereotypes, diffuse conflict and promote a positive image. Each of them has grown up in a conflict zone and has worked hard to overcome their own prejudices, perpetuated for generations. Using music as a uniting force, they take a candid look at bigotry, blame and belonging. …