Commedia dell’ Arte with Fools in Progress – Viva Commedia!

Fools In Progress Inc. is a theatre company specialised in COMMEDIA DELL’ARTE with over a decade of experience in schools. Their program FOOLS IN SCHOOLS includes the new production of VIVA COMMEDIA! With stunning original renaissance costumes, exotic stage setting, and handmade leather masks VIVA COMMEDIA! is the perfect show to celebrate Italian culture with the traditional stock characters of Arlecchino, Capitano, Colombina, Pantalone and many, many others. Engaging, informative but most of all fun for students and teachers alike.

French Music

‘La musique des années folles en France’ refers to the music of the post-war years of the roaring 20s which swept across the world. Multi-instrumentalists Peter and Marie Rappolt have been playing live music together since 1969 for this program they are joined by French cabaret singer Corrine Andrew to form ‘Viva the Trio’. The trio play music from legends like Edith Piaf, Django Reinhardt, Sidney Bechet and Josephine Baker and contextualize the music by introducing the lyrics, instruments and cultural context in French and English according to the student’s level.

Les Chansons Françaises

Pauline Maudy shares stories of her Parisienne childhood in an interactive vocal session with songs that explore intercultural understanding. Depending on the age group Pauline will teach students a popular children’s song or a catchy chorus from the Yé-Yé era of the 1960s which they’ll sing accompanied by the band. Students will hear and speak French throughout the workshop and end the session learning to waltz!

Les Bâtons Français

From the Eiffel Tower to the Arc de Triomphe, get a taste of all things French as we follow Jacques and Pierre’s journey across France as they try and fulfill their wish of finding true love! Well versed in physical theatre and comedy, the show is designed to be fun and zany while also touching on many French icons and literature, including stories such as Cyrano De Beujerac and the Three Musketeers, as well as the farcical style of Moliere and much more. Les Bâtons Français uses mime, puppetry, music, song and dance with audience interaction makes for a perfect theatrical experience.

Vive La France

Running since 2012 now and performed in hundreds of schools around Australia, Vive La France is a theatre performance featuring music, dance and comedy suited for year 5 and above. The program is a humorous, irreverent look at some of the events and character icons that have come to typify France’s great culture. Through a series of skits and sketches, the show takes a journey through France’s history. We meet two soldiers; English and French, who attempt to find a way out of the 100 years war and Monsieur Guillotin, who attempts to persuade the world of the effectiveness of his new punishment device. Journey through the French Revolution, inside the Moulin Rouge, meeting at historical icons like Marie Antoinette, Joan of Arc, Louis XVI and even delve into the heart of Napoleon’s short-man syndrome. Through a series of skits and sketches, be immersed in France’s history.