Cultural Entrepreneurship Program

Cultural Entrepreneurship is a new paradigm of business that puts culture at the centre of enterprise ideation, development and growth. It leads to global change, creating economic value through local resources and perspectives that are readily available in the cultural fibre of every individual on the planet. Learning to tap into these resources to generate value is at the core of the Cultural Entrepreneurship approach.

This program offers unique opportunity to learn how to turn abstract ideas into executable plans directly from senior professionals and leaders in the sector. By the end of the program, you will have a thorough understanding of why cultural change precedes social change and how this pertains to creative projects and business models in any sector or industry. You will clearly understand and be able to articulate why Cultural Entrepreneurship is the model the world is currently moving into.

The program will also allow you to explore, evaluate and develop your own business ideas applying the principles of Cultural Entrepreneurship in a thorough, critical and confidential way.

Check out some moments from our June 2017 course