Migrant Science Communication Accelerator

The Science Communicator’s Accelerator is a joint initiative between Cultural Infusion, the Royal Society of Victoria and Australian Science Communicators. We are looking for migrant scientists to be trained as science presenters for schools.

The aim of the program is to find science and engineering-qualified* migrants who have at least a Masters degree in their field, or an undergraduate science degree with relevant work experience, but who have struggled to find appropriate work in Australia.

* We take science in the broadest possible meaning of the word. If you are not sure about your eligibility, email us.


Each year, teachers around Australia pay science communicators to come into their schools and deliver specialist science programs that are beyond the knowledge of the teachers.

From 2017, schools in Victoria also have to deliver two other components – science as an human endeavour, and Intercultural Understanding.

This gives us an opportunity to combine learning about science and learning about other cultures in a single session.

What we offer

Our program assists science-qualified migrants to develop a science presentation that is suitable for schools, trains them to deliver it, and we then help market it to teachers through Cultural Infusion’s Schools Program.

Mentorship by working science communicators is provided as well, alongside invitations to great science events to help participants connect with the Melbourne science community.

Further questions email:

How to apply

All submissions must be done through this online application.
All applications must be submitted no later than Friday, December 30, 2016 by 5pm.
Before starting, please read and download the job descripton here

Because these programs are for kids, our aim is to make science fun – so please feel free to include any ideas for science presentations that you might already have in your cover letter.

1. COVER LETTER* (one page introducing yourself and why you think you would be good for the program)
2. RESUME (detailed resume covering all relevant experience)
3. Any additional supporting resources.

While all submissions will be considered, submissions without the completed survey may not qualify (see link after you hit the “submit” button).
Please submit all documentation as PDF files.

  • Drop files here or