Discovering Diversity

Culture in Education

The Discovering Diversity program promotes cultural harmony, wellbeing and engagement with the arts through the delivery of a range of school programs, including: school incursions, multicultural all day programs, concerts, tours, interactive workshops, artist-in-residencies, youth and training programs.

Discovering Diversity reaches an audience of more than 250,000 students and teachers annually across Australia. Our programs offer a practical initiative to promote cultural awareness and wellbeing in your school.

School Program

The Discovering Diversity program utilises cultural presenters from diverse backgrounds, encouraging intercultural dialogue in a fun, flexible and informative way to support your school curriculum in areas such as Social Education, LOTE, Performing Arts and PE.

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Our programs are interactive, engaging and encourage intercultural dialogue while being fun and inspiring. Students gain an insight into the cultural heritage of our diverse nation while they explore the history, traditions and languages of various cultures.

There is a growing awareness of the need to encourage students to respect Cultural diversity, reflected in the Melbourne Declaration signed by all Australian Education Ministers in 2008.

An ability to accept difference can only come when we endeavour to understand other cultures and appreciate other people’s belief and lifestyles. Artistic pursuits provide a great way of supporting diversity and removing global barriers through connectivity and understanding. They are also an effective tool in encouraging dialogue about the harmful impacts of race-based discrimination and the benefits of diversity.

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