Community Development

Culture in Community

The Culture in Community Development program aims to work with communities towards social harmony and wellbeing through education, engagement programs and projects. Culture is the cornerstone of community wellbeing, and if looked at in the broadest sense, influences aspects of community life from environmental sustainability to social cohesion to health and wellbeing. Communities that are rich in cultural resources tend to have better wellbeing all round.

Cultural Infusion Harmony

We work with communities on issues specific to their community. Occasionally, this ties in with our youth programs where we work with communities to design youth engagement strategies to link local government and services to disengaged young people.


Cultural Awareness Training

Cultural Infusion can facilitate Cultural Awareness Training for communities and organisations to teach participants to communicate with and understand people from diverse backgrounds. Cultural awareness is an important skill in both our diverse society and as global citizens.

Community Cultural Development

Cultural Infusion works with communities on social concerns so that communities can become active in changing how their communities operate. Cultural Infusion can work with communities to devise community cultural development plans and projects.

Projects & Workshops

Cultural Infusion often works with local councils to develop community arts projects that engage with local residents. Programs have included working with a local community to produce concerts celebrating the cultural groups that the community is made up of; the creation of public murals and youth programs designed to engage youth within communities.

Cultural Infusion is currently facilitating a program called Streets Ahead, part of the My Neighborhood project which is a holistic approach to children’s safety and independence. It uses the local area as an immediate context through which to learn the skills and develop the necessary experience for children to be safe in their social, built and ecological environment. My Neighbourhood is designed to be both fun and educational, linking activities with learning opportunities.

Community Projects and Program news


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