Spirit of italia

Spirit of Italia

Students will be immersed in stories of Italian immigrants arriving in Australia and the challenges that they face upon entering a new country. Our presenter will lead discussions on Italian culture, language, food and dance and the students will have the opportunity to learn a traditional folk dance, the Tarantalla! An engaging and educational insight into immigration, Italy and performance …

Italian music

Italian Music

This energetic program brings the traditional music of Italy’s south into your classroom! Through this interactive workshop, your students will discover the rhythms and sounds of instruments like the Castanettes, the Diatonic Accordion, the Tamburello, the Putipù and the Ciaramella. Make an enquiry!

Ciao Italia

Ciao Italia!

Students will experience Italy’s cultural heritage, learn about Italian architecture and art masterpieces as well as other aspects of Italian life through narration, singing and visual images. This interactive incursion includes projected Italian lyrics with English translations, enabling students to follow and sing along. Make an enquiry!

Bella italia

Bella Italia

Explore the unique and vibrant culture of Naples. Mira takes students back to her childhood to learn about one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. Students will love singing along to the lively Neapolitan folk songs and joining together for a group dance. An engaging program that can be adapted to the students’ level of Italian. Make …

Favourite words – A multicultural conversation starter

Working in an office where the staff speak a combined 39 languages (and frequently do), words are a constant source of joy, an occasional source of confusion, and a frequent source of hilarity.  So we decided to ask people what their favourite word is, and why.  Repugnant and money both made the list (but not side-by-side).   Hope is the …

A month of Weeks: Cultural Events for June

June is jam-packed with cultural events, stretching from Reconciliation Week right to Refugee Week. There is lots of dance, music, food and wine, and even a little bit of film. Here at Cultural Infusion, we really, really like all of those things.  So in the hope of seeing you there, here is our selection. Mabo Day (3 June) –commemorates Eddie …

Europe Day! Eurovision! Hooray!

This evening – as per very recent and extremely unusual – Australia gets to be part of  Europe.  Yes, on the 9th of May (5am AEST Wednesday 10 May (Australia votes)) the 2016 X Factor winner Isaiah Firebrace will compete for Australia in the first semi-final of the Eurovision song contest. There are 18 countries in each semi-final and only …